Tips to Address Your Biggest Fear In Recovery FHE Health

I remember when I first got sober, I was concerned about giving up drugs and alcohol forever. That meant that no matter what, no matter what I was going through, how bored I was, or how I was feeling, I had to completely abstain. I was afraid of sobriety because I was afraid that I was going to be boring and dull – that no one would like me anymore. Turns out, no one liked me before I got sober. Once I did get sober (and once I stayed sober for several years) I realized that I was truly becoming the best version of myself.

fear of being sober

This can include moving in a new social circle, taking up new activities and leading a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you’re afraid you won’t be able to make new friends. If you gained many friendships as a result of getting high or drunk with others, you may worry that you won’t be able to form close bonds fear of being sober with others as a sober person. Thankfully, things don’t usually turn out that way. There are many ways to create new friendships without drugs and alcohol. This can include meeting people in support groups, adopting new hobbies, going to classes that interest you and pursuing a new career path.

What’s stopping you from getting sober? Is it fear of failure? Fear of being judged?

In fact, living in sobriety is often deemed the best decision they ever made. These new relationships can help you in your sobriety. For example, your friends can say they support your sober living journey and avoid offering substances to you. However, if they’re still opening and actively consuming substances in your presence, you may still need to separate yourself. They don’t have to be direct triggers, like someone offering you the substance.

Research drug and alcohol treatment centers in your area, and be sure to ask questions, so you will be able to find a treatment center that meets your needs. Fear in recovery isn’t something you can avoid, but it is something you can overcome and work through every day in your journey towards recovery. No matter who you are or what your biggest worries are, you can learn to recognize, seek help, and get through the obstacle of fear. In this series, we’ll talk about not just what fear is, but also how to overcome each type. Over the next few weeks, we’ll touch on some of the most profound causes of fear in people facing addiction. We’ll also provide specific steps to take when your heart starts racing and your mind starts wandering.

You’re Afraid of Not Being Able to Handle Life Without Drugs or Alcohol.

You might be a little bored at first, but with time, you’ll discover new and more fulfilling things to do with your time. In my mind, sobriety meant Friday nights alone on my couch, watching Netflix and hiding from the rest of the world who was definitely out drinking. What is the point of sobriety if you let yourself wallow in self-doubt and pity? I don’t believe you really feel that way because otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You know, deep down, that you can and should have a better life.

  • What you should know is that almost all addicts seeking help have relapses.
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  • The first thing is that sobriety can be a really hard thing to face for a lot of addicts.
  • However, another fear is the worry of not belonging anywhere.
  • Worried that they may be abandoned by the people they love or judged by others, some people refuse to admit that they have a drug problem or reach out to others for support.

Eventually you will not be afraid of the feelings but see them as a positive step towards growth, something to embrace and yes, get excited about. It is actually not normal to numb out all of our feelings, despite what we have learned or have been told. So, you might be scared you won’t sleep very well or you’ll become a person who likes yoga and green smoothies. Don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up because you are worried that dinner with friends won’t be the same or that you might take up knitting to help you relax. You might be reading this and hating where you are right now but at the same time, terrified of the alternative. However, if you continue to let your fears rule your life you will never break free of the cycle.

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